Friday, May 9, 2008

Pop Quiz

It's time for a quiz. I'm debating the color scheme for the deck hatches and coaming ring, it's time for reader participation. Look at the two photos below that I have doctored in Photoshop. Which do you prefer? Please vote!

Stained hatches and coaming.

Varnished hatches and coaming.


Anonymous said...

I like the stained hatches because the boat looks sleeker that way. You could always stain on some nifty design and have the best of both worlds. I learned something new from your blog: how coaming is spelled. All my life I thought it was combing. Thank you. Mom

Katie said...

Yes, I agree with Mom that stained hatches and coaming make for a sleeker look. Coaming - thanks for the great new scrabble word!

Cynthia said...

I vote for the stained. The varnished hatches sort of stop the eye, a bit of a jolt, what, and you want, in my opinion, to cast your eye over the whole sleekness and beauty of line without interruption.

Lupine Lady said...

I'm glad most people want stained.