Thursday, May 29, 2008

Major Milestone!

Don't get too excited just yet, there's a lot of sanding and varnishing left to do, but this is still a huge milestone in the kayak construction!! No more epoxy. No more scarf joints. And I have to say the boat is looking sharp. Sure, there are hardened epoxy drips and uneven surfaces, but that's what I'm working on next: sanding the exterior of the entire boat. I'll go through three courses of sandpaper grit (80, 120 and 220) to work the epoxy smooth and flat. Once that's complete, I varnish the boat, let it dry, wet sand, let it dry, varnish, let it dry, wet sand, let it dry, varnish, .....  on and on. I hear five coats of varnish looks amazing. 

Until then, here's a toast to getting this far.


Katie said...

Cheers to you for all your hard work - you indeed deserve a strong drink for reaching this milestone! Yes, lots of sanding and varnishing ahead, but I'm still amazed that you're building this boat. I'm still in awe.

Lupine Lady said...

We sanded and varnished several times the new handrail for our front porch steps, so we know that it can get tiresome. Keep up the good work. We're really impressed with your dedication and careful work.