Monday, June 16, 2008

3rd Coat

I don't have any photos of the 3rd coat, it's all starting to look the same to me at this point. I think it's even possible that some areas that had small dust particle bumps on the first coat are getting more noticable as I add more layers of varnish. So I'm being a little more diligent on the sanding in between the 3rd and final coat of varnish.

Since I was not super motivated to sand (yet again) this weekend after varnishing, I did a few things that will speed up the finishing. Here are some photos:

Drilling pilot holes for the installation of the back rest.

I drilled the 3/8" holes for the rope handles through the bow 
and stern. Kind of scary drilling through the boat! In this photo, 
the blue tape is protecting the varnish from the epoxy that I
coated the the hole with to protect the bare wood from water.

Here's the back support. Elastic bungie cords come off the back
of the pad and stretch to form it's shape.

This is the seat which, in this photo, is upside down. I glued the 
two pieces of foam together with automotive contact cement.

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