Friday, June 6, 2008

Wheel Design

The couple of times that Leighann and I have carried her new kayak to the water, it's become clear very quickly that kayaks are damn heavy. And the farther you have to walk the more it feels like your shoulder is going to become dislocated. So I started looking into carts that are sold to just for moving kayaks, which I found out quickly, are all usually over $130. Perhaps I can build my own kayak cart, something that the boat can be strapped to and also disassembled and stowed in the boat when paddling. 

After some research and design, here are my 3D renderings of my kayak cart design. Of course, I'm putting the *ahem* cart-before-the-horse at this point, my kayak is not even finished yet.

Here's the schematic using easily found materials.

Here's how the boat and cart interface. I would also strap
the boat to the cart to secure it while wheeling. 


Lupine Lady said...

Hi, This is a really clever design. What will you do with the wheels while you're out paddling? What are the rubbery things that the kayak will rest on? Is the rest PVC pipes?

getlost said...

unfortunately, the top photo does not expand when you click on it. But, yes the piping is PVC and the pads where the kayak rest are pipe insulation.

Katie said...

$130 for a little kayak cart? That's insane! I really like your design and the fact that it's from easily found materials. Plus I like that you dressed your model in a suit and not spandex! If I didn't already have a canoe cart I'd have you design me a larger one for my canoe (which weighs 85 pounds - ouch!).

Anonymous said...

Just contributed to your GetLost Fund. Perhaps you may want to have a small engraved brass plate made to attach to the Kayak with pertinent building-launch information or other celebratory pleasures.